Lip Fillers in Melbourne

Searching for stunning lip fillers in Melbourne? Dr Fresh offers a popular range of cosmetic injectables that help our clients look and feel their very best.

Our lip fillers create beautiful full lips with the perfect shape and volume. We use leading cosmetic technology that is fast, effective and painless.

In addition to our lip fillers in Melbourne, why not explore some of our other leading cosmetic procedures, such as dermal fillers, anti wrinkle injections, vitamin infusions, and thread lifts in Melbourne.

To learn more about our lip fillers in Melbourne, explore our services, contact our team, and make your booking online.

Lip Fillers in Melbourne - FAQs

What are the benefits of lip fillers?

If you want to add volume and refine the shape of your lips, then lip fillers are the perfect choice. Lip fillers create plumpness and fullness in the lips and minimise lines and wrinkles around the mouth.

If your lips have lost volume over time, or you feel your features could benefit from more volume and definition, then why not consider our booking an appointment for lip fillers in Melbourne with Dr Fresh.

How long do lip fillers last?

On average, lip fillers last between 12 to 18 months. There are a number of factors that affect how long your lip fillers will last. The primary two include your age and how fast your body will break down the filler.

Lip fillers produce noticeable effects almost immediately, and this plumpness and fullness will develop in the 4 weeks following your treatment with us.

Choosing to work with a trustworthy, qualified and high-quality cosmetic consultant will ensure your fillers last as long as possible and look better for longer.

Dr Fresh provides beautiful lip fillers in Melbourne that give our clients healthy and radiant looks.

Can you kiss after lip filler?

Who wouldn’t want to kiss those gorgeous new lips! Whilst we’re sure you’ll have plenty of offers, our cosmetic physician recommends waiting at least a few days.

Your lips may be slightly tender and swollen immediately following the process. However, you can expect any swelling from our lip fillers in Melbourne to ease within 1-2 days of your treatment.

Do lip fillers hurt?

Today, lip fillers have become a fast, effective and practically pain-free treatment. People who regularly receive fillers report feeling minimal levels of pain and only mild swelling that subsides after just 1-2 days.

Choosing the qualified and accredited team at Dr Fresh for your lip fillers in Melbourne ensures you receive outstanding injections that are simple and stress-free.

Our clinic is led by Dr Niki Talik, who takes pride in her reputation for offering natural looks and beautiful full lips. Dr Niki is a recognised figure in the cosmetics industry and is pleased to provide painless lip fillers in Melbourne.