Thread Lift in Melbourne

There was a time when the only way to address signs of aging was to undergo a significant surgical procedure. But these days, a thread lift procedure in Melbourne might be a much better option.

A thread lift is an effective non-surgical procedure that uses temporary sutures, similar to dissolvable stitches, to give your features a subtle yet noticeable lift. In this way, a cosmetic thread lift augments your natural features by lifting and supporting them.

At Dr Fresh, we offer some of the leading thread lift procedures in Melbourne. Dr Niki works closely with her clients to combat the natural effects of aging and restore a youthful and elegant appearance. 

Leading Cosmetic Injectables

We specialise in eye thread lifts that focus on the under-eye area, as well as thread lifts on the forehead and eyebrow areas plus cheek thread lifts. It is possible to focus on one or more areas at once and this can be discussed during an initial consultation. 

A thread lift can also enhance the body’s natural healing response by stimulating collagen, which has the added benefit of naturally tightening your skin over time.

A thread lift is not as invasive as a surgical facelift – and clients often report that the effects are longer lasting than anti-wrinkle injections.

In addition to our thread lift procedures in Melbourne, why not explore some of our other popular procedures, such as anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, lip fillers and vitamin infusions.

Cosmetic Thread Lift - FAQs

How long does a thread lift last?

Generally, thread lifts will last from six to twelve months. During this time, you can expect your skin to look visibly youthful and firm. After this, the effects of a thread lift may start to subside, but this can be easily rectified with another simple and non-invasive procedure.

Is a thread lift worth it?

Whether or not a thread lift is worth it depends greatly on your personal circumstances. In many cases, a thread lift can offer a dramatically more youthful-looking facial profile without the need for major surgery. Our thread lifts in Melbourne also offer real value for money compared to other similar procedures.

Which is better, filler or thread lift?

Many clients are thrilled with the results a thread lift can provide, while others find the dermal filler procedure and recovery time more beneficial. When comparing the two, it is worth discussing your individual beauty goals with us to better determine the best procedure for you.

Is thread facelift painful?

A thread facelift can be slightly painful for some patients and in many cases can be made much more comfortable with the use of a local anaesthetic. When recovering from a thread facelift procedure, patients may feel tenderness in the affected area for a few days afterwards.