Our Services

Dr Fresh Medical Aesthetics combines cutting-edge cosmetic technology and bespoke services to enhance natural beauty and restore youthfulness.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

A popular treatment to naturally fight signs of ageing by reducing muscle movement and associated wrinkle formation. Our team will consider your desired result and your unique facial muscle structure to administer injections to achieve a reduction in lines in targeted areas. Additionally, it  can be used to address excessive sweating, migraines and teeth grinding, and facial slimming.

Length of session: 15 to 30 minutes 

Length of recovery: None 

Cost: Starting at $90.00

Dermal Fillers

Our gel-based hyaluronic acid Dermal Fillers are used to address a range of concerns, from adding fullness to enhance facial features such as lips and cheeks, sculpting and smoothing bone structure to achieve a sculpted nose, jaw and chin, restore volume or to provide plumpness to the face to replicate taut and youthful skin.

Length of session: 30 minutes

Length of recovery: 1 to 2 days

Cost: Starting at $350.00

Fat Reduction

Achieve a more sculpted and contoured look with our Belkyra Fat Dissolving Injections. This non-surgical treatment uses deoxycholic acid to permanently inhibit the walls of fat cells, impacting on the ability to store fat in the targeted area and resulting in a slimmed-down appearance within two weeks.

Length of session: 60 minutes

Length of recovery: Up to 2 weeks

Cost: Starting at $1,500.00 per session

Vitamin Infusions

A bespoke cocktail of powerful vitamins and nutrients, selected according to your needs, is delivered straight to the bloodstream through our Vitamin Infusion treatment. The treatment aims to rejuvenate your body at a cellular level, ensuring maximum absorption and a much-needed nutrient boost for your body.

Length of session: 60 minutes

Length of recovery: None

Cost: Starting at $100.00

PDO Mono Threads

PDO Mono Threads are used to tighten skin and increase volume and plumpness while delivering a natural finish. Needles are used to insert our PDO mono threads under the skin where, over time, they stimulate collagen production, improving skin texture, the appearance of lines and strengthening surrounding tissue.

Length of session: 60 minutes

Length of recovery: 3 to 4 days 

Cost: Starting at $500.00 per session, 2 sessions are required

Long Threads

Coned Long threads are used to provide a Non-Surgical Face Lift. They provide significant lifting and support, creating a sculpted, more youthful appearance.

Length of session: 120 minutes

Length of recovery: 2 to 3 weeks

Cost: Starting at $3,750.00

Aqua Gold Facial

The ultimate in luxury, this bespoke experience uses 24-carat gold plated needles to deliver a custom blend of vitamin-rich serums, anti-wrinkle solution and hyaluronic acid fillers. Our experienced team will work with you to create a personalised cosmetic cocktail to deliver optimal results to address your skin concerns.

Length of session: 30 to 60 minutes

Length of recovery: None

Cost: Starting at $599.00 per session, may need 2 sessions