Vitamin Infusions in Melbourne

Are you feeling tired, run down and not at your best? If so, a vitamin infusion can help. The process is simple, straightforward and non-invasive and takes just minutes to complete.

The results are often rapid and you’ll begin to notice increased energy levels and a greater sense of health and wellbeing. It’s an outstanding way to look your very best – and we’re sure you’ll love the way these infusions make you feel.

At Dr Fresh, we provide exceptional vitamin infusions in Melbourne, which can enhance the level of essential nutrients in your body. Simply explore our vitamin infusion services below, book an appointment online and contact our friendly team with questions.

If you’re planning to book one of our vitamin infusions in Melbourne, then why not also consider some of our other popular, non-invasive procedures, including dermal fillers, lip fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and thread lifts in Melbourne.

Vitamin Infusion - FAQ

What do vitamin infusions do?

Vitamin infusions work by administering vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. This process often allows recipients to obtain greater nutrient uptake than the normal digestive process.

At Dr Fresh, we offer both vitamin c infusions and vitamin d infusions in Melbourne. These non-invasive injectables can improve the health of bones and skin, including the production of collagen.

Our clients report looking and feeling more healthy after receiving our vitamin infusions and enjoying radiant and youthful skin.

How long do vitamin infusions last?

Vitamin infusion drips usually take between 20-60 mins to complete. These nutrients and vitamins will then stay active in your system for around 2-3 weeks.

To learn how often you should be receiving vitamin infusions and what kind of regiment will benefit you most, simply contact the team at Dr Fresh.

Our experienced team, led by our qualified cosmetic physician Dr Niki Tate, provide skilled and effective vitamin infusions in Melbourne at our conveniently located CBD clinic.

What are the health benefits of vitamin C infusions??

There is a huge range of benefits to booking a vitamin infusion. These can include improvements in the health and vitality of your skin, faster recuperation and healing from sickness and injury, a stronger immune system, lower blood pressure and enhanced mood.

If you’re searching for the best vitamin C infusions in Melbourne, then choose Dr Fresh. Our team is known for offering vitamin infusions that help our clients feel rejuvenated and revitalised.

Are vitamin infusion drips worth it?

Vitamin infusions consistently prove to be worth it for our happy clients. Vitamin drips can improve your overall health and enhance your immune system. This can help you stay well and prevent illness, colds and flu.

This is particularly important to avoid becoming sick, saving you time off work and ensuring you feel your best for important events like holidays, weddings and birthdays.

If you have an upcoming event that you want to attend, or just want to make sure you’re looking and feeling fantastic, then why not book a vitamin infusion in Melbourne with the team at Dr Fresh.